Friday, February 1, 2008

Vote 1 Liow

D.I.Y Art Films friend & associate Nathan Liow has just made a last minute entry into the ABC Classic FM "Orpheus Remix Awards". For the competition he had to use some sample mp3s to make his own "response to both the Orpheus myth and the notion of 'opera'"... whatever that means....

Opera is a fair way from Nathan's regular production/playing styles of jazz & electronica, but he's put his own signature glitchy stamp on this remix and managed to create some interesting stuff. If Opera was a bit more like this then maybe I'd be more inclined to listen (sorry to all the hardcore opera fans out there).

Nathan's remix is called "iOrpheus"; you can listen to it here.

Support the cause and click here to sign in/register and vote!

(Don't forget to check out Nathan's myspace to hear some of his work in other genres.)

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