Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bigfish's FEST

At the recent Melbourne International Animation Festival we had the pleasure of seeing Big Fish's short animation "Global Warming" a whole bunch of times. I think I actually saw it six times at the festival, and I honestly enjoyed it every time! It got an honorable mention in the Australian panorama, and it's doing very well on the festival circuit all around the world.

The guys at Big Fish seem to be doing a lot of things right! Their work is unique, and often hilarious. Perhaps most impressive is their work ethic and the speed at which they produce films.

They're currently running an online film festival where they put out a new short animation EVERY WEEK! These shorts also screen on Triple J TV on Saturday mornings on the ABC.

Anyways, that's enough from me. Get on over there and check out their work! Really great stuff.

FEST Website
Big Fish Website

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