Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chronic Deja Vu - Locations

D.I.Y Art friend and associate Alan Lam is gearing up to shoot his latest short film (working title: chronic deja vu) next week. I've been helping him out over the last couple of weeks with some script editing and I'll be acting as the first AD during the shoot.

Alan's currently doing a graduate diploma in visual effects at the VCA, and the fantasy setting of the film will be perfect for him to stretch his vfx muscles and create some stunning effects.

Today, Alan, Adam Howden (DOP), and myself hit up the location for Tuesday's shoot to block out some of the action and get some test shots etc.

Location Shots:

Alan (a little stressed):

Alan proposing to me:

Me looking like a fool / blocking action:

All photos by Adam Howden. Check out his website, his work is top notch! Link:

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