Friday, June 26, 2009

Chris' MIAF Wrap Up: Day Four

Yesterday was another great day of MIAF. I caught the New Croation Panorama, the Pritt Parn Special, & the London's Calling #1 Session.

Simon Bogojevic Narath (Croatia, 2008, 12'30)

I'm not exactly sure what was going on in this film, but it was quite interesting to watch. A really nice combination of traditional CG and CG with cell shading for the characters. There was really interesting character design too. I also enjoyed the pacing in this film, there was lots of stillness in the early sections building up to a lot of excitement when the film changes scene.

BBC iPlayer “Penguins”
Vince Squibb, Darren Walsh, (UK, 2008, 1’00)

Some of you have probably already seen this one. I won't say much, as you can watch it yourself.

There were also a number of other great TVCs in the London's calling program. Passion Pictures (the guys behind the Gorillaz videos) had a great Audi TVC, there was a very funny ad for pretending to advertise for, and a couple of really beautifully animated TVCs advertising the dangers of drinking too much around children.

I also quite enjoyed Pritt Parn's "Life without Gabriella Ferri". Another one that I wouldn't have normally expected to enjoy (especially at its length of 44"), but it was quite a bit of fun. There was definitely some disturbing imagery, but the film had a good sense of humour. Again, beautifully animated.

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