Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I thought it was about time DIY posted about some of the interesting things going on in 'ol London town, where I have currently just wrapped up production on my first documentary short with the NFTS (watch this space for more info to follow!).

On Wednesday night I went to the Roxy Cinema in Borough to see their monthly "Rotorreliefs" where fellow Summer Docs student Lisa Forrest had a screening of her Documentary short "Hairytale". A really interesting and inspiring story, check it out here.

The highlight of the night for all of us was first time filmmaker Andy Wilson's treat, "Joseph". A beautifully shot and mesmerising piece of work, I have been thinking of it ever since. Watch it on his website and you, too, will soon be dreaming of white huskies, Bob Seger and caravan sunsets.

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