Monday, May 12, 2008

Google Documents

This is the first film we've ever made that has such a huge number of individual components - sound, animation, drawn assets etc. On top of that all three of us (Steph, Chris and Maia) are working in three different physical locations, sometimes on the same shot. This could easily create absolute chaos, with people writing over file versions, continuity problems and a whole host of other problems.  For these reasons we've had to make keeping track of these things a priority, and to do so, we've started using google documents. This allows us to all view and modify the same information, and keep track of who is doing what. For the price (FREE), it sure beats paying for project management software.

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Michael Kariv said...

we have wrote (currently in alpha) a timeline visualization for the projects stored in google spreadsheets. You might want to check it out in
It would require Silverlight 2.0 Beta, but it would allow to see your schedule on a timeline and also drag tasks around.