Thursday, May 1, 2008

Squishy SFX fun

The rumour goes among sfx nerds that the best way to create the sound of someone's head smashing open is to throw a watermelon on pavement and overlay this with the sound of breaking wood. So that's exactly what I did on Monday, with the lovely help of my sound assistant Timmah (aka our publicist). We made a right mess in her kitchen with all sorts of glorious mushy food products and other household goods. Later that day I was still finding tomato in my hair, melon in my shoelaces and bits of broken pasta in my pants but it was well worth it. Priceless moments included realising snapping large chunks of spaghetti sounded like breaking knuckles and the numerous occasions both Timmah and I nearly slipped head over heels on the mixture of tomato/watermelon innards sprayed across the floor. Thank you Timmah for letting me destroy your kitchen!

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