Thursday, January 17, 2008

Self Edge X Imperial

San Fransisco premium denim retailer, Self Edge, has teamed up with Australia's own Imperial Brand Clothing to create a limited run jean styled after Heidi Slimane's famous Dior Homme 19cm cut. The collaboration jeans are available in indigo (100 pairs) and black (25 pairs). Both colours use 14oz japanese selvedge denim.

The jeans will be available online from January 17, 5pm (San Fransisco time). The jeans cost US $310 a pair, international shipping is free.

They might sound pricey, but compared to Diors they're actually a very good deal. Dior 19cm jeans (when available) retail for AU $400+. Not only are the imperials cheaper by at least AU $50, but they are also made from a higher quality denim (standard Dior 19cms are produced from non-selvedge denim that is not known for its quality/durability). So if you can afford it, go nuts people! These are some serious jeans.

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