Sunday, January 27, 2008

SMM: Sponsorship Opportunities

D.I.Y Art Films' latest project, Supermarket Musical Massacre, is now open for sponsorship! We have some great packages available, including having a character in the film designed to look like you or someone you know!

(See to find out more or to sponsor us using Pay Pal!)

D.I.Y Art Films is an independent production house, and receives no government or studio funding. We are committed to producing fresh and original work, and pride ourselves in creating films that are entertaining, thought-provoking and professional. As the vast majority of our production budget is self-funded, we rely on generous donations and sponsorship to create high quality work.

We are currently offering four different sponsorship packages for both Individuals & Businesses. Every donation will receive a finished copy of the film and an invitation to the family and friends screening.

Donations of any amount: We appreciate all donations. A donation of any amount will get your name in the credits, a copy of the finished film, and an invitation to the family and friends screening. We thank you for your support.

Individual Option: For $50 AUD or more, put yourself or one of your friends in the film. We’ll design an all-singing, all-dancing character that looks like you or the nominated person. A great gift idea, or avenue for shameless self-promotion.

Business Option 1: For a donation of $100 AUD or above, your company’s logo will be listed prominently in the credits. Not only will you raise the profile of your business, but you will be supporting an award-winning group of young Australian artists with world-wide media exposure.

Business Option 2: From just $250 AUD, we will add your company's logo to a product, character’s outfit or other object featured in the film. Higher donations will receive more exposure. A great entrepreneurial opportunity that will associate your company with an award-winning group of fresh, talented young artists with world-wide media exposure.

We would greatly appreciate any support you can give us! Even a tiny donation will make a big difference to us!

Please view our sponsorship page to find out more or to sign up!

(Download our updated press release here.)

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