Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Be Kind Rewind Website


I just checked out the official website for Michel Gondry's new film "Be Kind Website". I gotta say, the website might actually be better than the film!

If you don't know the basic premise of the film, it involves Jack Black & Mos Def "sweding" classic films, i.e. making new 20 minutes ultra low-budget versions that star themselves.

The website takes this premise one step further by sweding the internet. You really have to see it for yourself! They've got trailers for the films they made in the movie (in the sweded version of YouTube). You can even swede real websites yourself and submit them to the sweded version of google.

I'm not kidding.

A lot of work (and fun) has gone into this website. Check it out at: http://www.bekindmovie.com

(The version of the official Be Kind Rewinded trailer that's sweded by Gondry is pretty awesome. If you've seen the movie you will definately get a kick out of it! Garbage matt anyone?)

1 comment:

Jack said...

Cool website! Very nice.

Also, just realised that in the film, the girl who returns the first tape that's been erased is Rain from Flight of the Conchords.