Saturday, April 5, 2008

Music Video Joy

Micah P Hinson - Yard of Blonde Girls

Beautiful song, interesting animation, parts are slightly odd but some parts are lovely. The background effect behind the black line drawings reminds me of an effect titled the "Mirror Train" that Steph and Chris worked on whilst I was away. But really I'm just posting it because of that bat. It's all about the bat.

Yael Naim - New Soul

Yep it's that song from the Mac Book Air advert from a quirky French-Israeli singer called Yael. Despite it's success being due to a big old fat commercial it is definitely a very smile-making pop song. And a cute video clip - who wouldn't want a room on a lake? Unless that lake has crocodiles...

Apple definitely knows its demographic and has some very intelligent marketing strategies - first Feist, now this, they seem to be hitting the wave of other artist's emerging/peaking careers just at the right moment. Well, they haven't sucked me in with their cunning advertising ploy! ( she types on her Mac Book Pro listening to Yael.)

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